Am sure all the men want to do well in their lives and if they would have the necessary information they would have started as early as possible, they would better present themselves than they did before. The reason for this is that, most of the men do not have a broad understanding of dressing well and some  dress well because they want to impress someone (occasional) and this is only when they go out there.

Researchers believe that passion is the key and in order to have passion, you must  understand the purpose of what you doing, how you doing it and why doing it. That is, the purpose of personal image improvement and its application in the gentleman lifestyle. Therefore Equip These Gentlemen will aid man, especially the men who are interested in an opportunity to explore and know further what gentleman lifestyle is all about and what is expected of them and how to best present themselves as a gentleman.

This means that, man has to make some significant changes to their appearance and image, dressing well  needs the same amount of effort.

Feel good. Feeling truly good about yourself means loving the person you are, inside and out. It takes hard work and some major adjustments to learn to accept yourself and to address the unhappiness in your life. If you want to feel good about yourself, it starts with identifying the thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that might block you from feeling good about yourself. After that, you can work on creating a lifestyle that makes you feel valuable, loved, and fulfilled. If you want to know how to feel good about yourself, start by dressing well and you will feel good, confident and you will be respected wherever you go.

Feel respected. Respect is earned through respecting both yourself and others. Wealth, clothing or physical attractiveness is not  a requirement. The way others perceive you isn’t necessarily based on your level of education, what schools you may have attended or the crowd you’re in. Respect is accorded to those who conduct themselves with integrity and treat others with dignity. If you set an example by respecting yourself, appreciating your own good qualities and highlighting the positive in other people’s lives, you will earn the respect of others.

Present yourself well. Practice good grooming and dress neatly. Clothing doesn’t need to be expensive but it should be laundered and in good repair, showing that you care about this aspect of yourself. Take care of your health and your teeth. Your smile will show to others that you enjoy your own company and theirs too

Set an example for others. If you want to be respected, then you want people to turn to you for guidance for how to act in the world. You can’t be acting in a disrespectful, rude, or obnoxious manner if you want other people to follow your lead. Whatever you do, remind yourself that people are watching and that you should be setting a good example if you really want to be a role model. You don’t have to be perfect, but you should generally act in an admirable manner, when another person imitates you, it is a sign of respect. Educate men on how to a be good role model at home, work, and in social situations. Wherever you are, there is always an opportunity to show others how to live with self-respect leveraging the power of  dressing well and how to honour the dignity of others

Keep your language clean and respectable. Say positive things about others whenever possible, but be sincere – people can recognize the difference between true interest and forced flattery. You don’t have to sound as PG as your grandmother, but you should avoid cursing up a blue streak, bad mouthing every person in your office, and generally saying negative and offensive things.

Style is the perfect way to show your unique traits to the world. People with good style pay attention to the color, cut, and fabric of their clothes. The options are endless! Experiment to find out what clothes flatter your figure and express your unique personality. After all, great style is style that is truly your own!

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