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They say it is not the destination that matters the most but the journey, I somehow agree with the statement but when it comes to Cape Town i must say that it is was not just the journey that mattered but the destination itself was just a cherry on top. We left Gauteng to drop off the kids at my mother in law’s place in Burgersdorp.

The following morning we were up very early and ready to hit the road, our first stop was at the Gariep Dam, we have kind of made it a tradition to stop at Gariep even if its just for a moment to remember the day we committed to doing life together for the rest of our lives.

I had anticipated a very long journey but to my surprise we were in Cape Town within no time, what was so heart warming for me was the deep and meaningful conversations we had. It is important as couples to take time out just to reconnect and most importantly to listen to each other. The journey to Cape Town was a time of reflection and connection, I genuinely believe that it is the beautiful conversations we had on the way that lit sparks and led to an awesome-mazing vacation.

We got to Cape Town in the afternoon and it was the time when the street market was being packed up. Our first stop in Cape Town was in the city centre, I kind of felt a bit lost at first and had that uneasy feeling and deep down I wondered if we had picked the right spot for our vacation, we grabbed something to eat for the night and before you know it we were on the internet planning our 2week stay in the friendly city. They don’t call it the friendly city for nothing, it is indeed one of the warmest places I have ever visited in terms of hospitality and oh boy your pocket must be loaded because everything is just a bit priced and at times that included the smiles we would get from the car guards. (Laughing out loud).

The following day we really started to explore the beauty of Cape town and the first thing we did was to go to the V & A Wharf, we spent almost the whole day just doing some shopping, watched movies and had food, I remember us taking a walk by the beach and laughing non stop. It felt like we had just met and were getting to know each other from scratch, blame it on the atmosphere we were in.

We got our tickets to do the city sight seeing bus tour for the 2 following days, we figured that doing that would ensure that we didn’t miss any highlight of Cape Town. We enjoyed the Red Bus City Tour and the mini cape peninsula. To see the full details of what is included in the ticket you can click on the link below.

On our forth day we went to the Table Mountain, I guess we had not done our homework properly because we did not dress warm enough to go up the famous table mountain, I guess we were fooled by the fact that it was Mid December and so we expected that the weather would be ok. Cape Town can be very windy and so the day we had booked for this trip we did not have the best weather, its important to check your weather focus before you may your booking and the same applies for your boat cruise. I would not say I really enjoyed going up the mountain and this was mainly as a result of the manner in which we were dressed. So we went up, took a couple of pictures, that on its own was an assignment I will never forget as my face was literally frozen because of the cold, we were on our way down as fast as possible. Lesson learnt, always do a proper research before visiting any place, know how you should dress.

One of the wildest experiences we had in Cape town was driving up Chapman’s peak, the view is to die for but the adrenaline is truly not for the faint hearted. We stopped a couple of times to take pictures, you will be glad that you not the one driving if you have a fear of heights and will get attempted several times not to look down. You know the movies we watch will spoil ones experiences sometimes because they will keep you imagining the worst thing that could ever happen just driving on Chapman’s peak.

I still maintain that God did no shabby job when he created Cape Town, it’s a place that shows his magnificence in no small way, how every piece of wonder is assembled in one place and held intact forever is still a mystery. I must say this; God is incredibly creative.

We went to the beach a couple of times and our favourite being Camps Bay, as much as our bodies were longing to swim the water was just way too cold, I remember dipping my feet for only a few minutes and felt like I was coming down with athritis the same time, Please don’t ask me how I know about how one feels when they coming down with athritis, Ijust know.

Our love for shopping compelled us to drive around looking for the factory shops, we just could not leave Cape town without going to the Factory shops and so we visited a couple but got disappointed as most of the shops were still closed due to the holidays.

One thing I will advise you is this, your Cape Town experience will just not be complete without you heading to Enyanga to enjoy one of the most delicious braai vleis ekasi has to offer, this is at a place called KwaMzoli. This is a very chilled out ghetto hang out spot, we got all kasified and headed to Enyanga to get an experience of a Kasie Chisanyama. There is so much diversity in Cape Town and to this day I still believe that Cape Town must be one of the places in South Africa that embodies diversity when it comes to tourism. We got to Kwamzoli and there were all kinds of people that you can ever think of. It was midweek but the place was buzzing, service was great regardless.

I think one of my wifes’ highlights was eating fresh fish and enjoying the beauty of listening to the cliques of other intriguing Xhosa speaking people, that was just heaven on earth for her. One thing I will never forget about Cape Town is the chilled out culture, there is no sense of urgency at all and so if you are a person who is used to speed service, you will have to relax your standards a bit.

That was Cape Town in a nutshell.

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