Our Visit to the Zulu Kingdom - Equip These Gentlemen

Our Visit to the Zulu Kingdom


If there is one question we had to answer the week we went to KZN it’s got to be, "where are you guys?"


Picking this location was one of the easiest tasks I have ever had to do. This is one hidden exotic location with an atmosphere and experience that is surely out of this world. We went to Kwazulu Natal at Sugar Beach Resort in a small town called Elysium. The place has the most beautiful view in the area and is 5 minutes away from the beach, this means that you get to enjoy the sea breeze waya waya . What is amazing and breathtaking about this place is the access to a private beach, you literally have the beach to yourselves and this is so awesome. This place just provides you with the type of tranquility that helps you hear yourself when you think.

The place provides first class personalized service. The staff is very friendly and the food is out of this world. It is home away from home period. I like that the owner of the place is so hands on and they really go out of their way to ensure that your stay is an unforgettable experience.

Most of our dining happened in Umhlanga Rocks, one of the restaurants that stood out for me was the “Maritimos Restaurant”. This place serves delicious food and the service was on another level, another place where you get to meet the owner and have a conversation about the weather and your stay in KZN. I must say those are experiences I treasure the most.


We also went to Umlazi to a place called Eyadini to experience the lokshini culture and some chisanyama food. Believe you me we had one of the best Chisanyama experience. I must say they serve the best chakalaka in the world.

Ricksha Bus

We did a Durban sight seeing Ricksha bus; it was so not exciting that is if you have done the red bus tours especially in Cape Town. I don’t know whether to blame this on the tour guide or the lack of interesting history that gets highlighted during this tour. I could be wrong but that was just my feel of the Ricksha Bus.

Horse Riding By the Beach

We had some farm adventure where we went for horse riding at Gary's horses in Manzimtoti. The place provides you with training on horse riding and then gives you an opportunity to ride the horse that gets allocated to you based on your weight for 2 - 3 hours and this includes riding by the beach.

Some Adrenalin Pumping Activities

We went for some wild adventure at Wild 5 Adventures; we did what is called a wild swing. We also walked on the suspension bridge and enjoyed the beauty of nature while at it.







Boat Cruising And Marine Experience

We did 2boat cruises at Wilson's Harbour (Durban) and a lil bit of Ushaka Marine experience for the aquarium.

Relaxation with Full Body Massage

Just to make the most of our getaway we had a full body massage, this is also provided by the resort at an extra cost. We did morning and sunset beachwalks and had plenty of fun.



These places are a bit far apart from each other so if you don't like driving this will not be exciting for you.

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