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Saddle Creek Adventure


On the weekend of my birthday my wife gave me one of the best birthday presents I have ever received so far, she organized a weekend full of action and adventure at the Saddle Creek Adventures. So we drove to the place early that morning and I had quite an awesome surprise birthday gift.

Location - Saddle Creek Adventure

The place is located in Hartebeesfontein Road in Hekpoort, this is somewhere in Johanessburg.


She had booked us a very fully loaded package and I loved every minute of it. Our morning started off with Archery where we had to use the bow to propel arrows through the air with the intention of hitting a target, she missed quite a few but we had lots of fun.

Horse Riding

Straight after the first activity we did what we really love doing and that is horse riding. We were a set of 3 couples as it was also happened to be the Valentine’s Weekend. We were all allocated with happy horses and had an unforgettable riding experience in a very peaceful countryside, with beautiful mountain scenery and lovely bush trails.


We came back from our lovely horse riding experience to get into more adventure and did some go-karting. You definitely need to bring some extra clothes because after the go-karting you get so dirty but hey it is an amazing experience. This does not even require that one must be a pro that thrives on adrenalin, the tracks are just amazing and everyone will have fun on their track which is full of corners an straight sections to challenge your driving skills.

The staff is well trained and very enthusiastic about their job hey. I mean who wouldn’t love to get paid for having fun hey?

Quad Biking

This has got to be my favourite activity of the day, after the go-karting, looking all dirty and dusty we got another exciting adrenaline filled adventure that is not hard to master. The scenery was just the best for this, from driving in rocky countryside places to a muddy forest got me all pumped up and hungry for more fun. This was one challenging, fun and thrilling experience for me.


We ended the outing off on a very high note; we were led to a private bushveld champagne picnic. The weather was just perfect for this, we laid on our backs and listened to birds chirping and watched the beautiful sky while at it. I must say that this was a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. We got locked up in moments of reflection and meaningful conversations in the presence of nature. Not only was this a romantic gesture but it was a fantastic one. They had provided us with a picnic basket full of delicacies, a bottle of wine, water and we just enjoyed every moment of this experience. I am sure you will understand why I still regard this weekend as one of the most special celebrations we have ever had. Not only did we have a fun packed and adventure getaway but we also got an opportunity to cater to what matters the most to both our hearts and spent quality time in a seclude area with a lifetime of tranquility and privacy.

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