Sun City – The Lost City


One of the beautiful attractions in the North West has got to be a world within a city, this is another exotic man made wonder of Sol Kerzner’s creations, similar to the Aqua Venture or the Atlantis that you find in Dubai. Yeah I must say this man is not limited in his thinking and creative abilities.

We booked ourselves for only three days and the timing was not so perfect because it was the end of the year and the place was just way too overcrowded especially on the 1st of January but other than that we had the time of our lives.

Sun City is well known for its world class water park and if you love water like we do, then the water slides and blood pumping activities in the Valley of waves will be your favourite spot. We just lost ourselves and became like little kids, we had so much fun on those water slides and since my wife is not much of an adrenaline junkie she only enjoyed the lazy ride more, you just chillax unlike the lazy ride that you get from the AquaVenture, Atlantis in Dubai, I am still wondering why they call it a lazy ride cause there is absolutely nothing lazy about the Aqua Venture’s lazy ride.

Sun City is a just a place where you can completely get lost in, from having an amazing shopping experience and stopping to take a break to grab something to eat you just don’t run out of something to do but will certainly run out of energy after swimming in the man made beach and repeating the water slides that lure you into an unquenchable adventure.

We made time and made our way to the casino, oh this just made me want to be in Vegas already, just seeing those slot machines made me want to be be in Vegas………

The Maze of The Lost City

One of the other fun things we did was to get lost in the maze, we got so lost on that maze till we felt like we just wanted to see ourselves out of it miraculously. After all the crazy and mind intriguing “find you way out” exercise you find yourself in a very nice a restaurant that is located at the end of the maze where you can get your refreshments and also partake in the food they serve in their restaurants.

We had booked ourselves in some bed and breakfast in Rusternburg and so we would do some driving every single day from and to Sun City, the drive was about 30 minutes. They served the most delicious buffet breakfast and I must say we did not spend much time there at all since we would come back in the early hours almost every single day and be out the whole day.

Sun City from Gauteng is about an hours drive so this is just one of those get-away that you can do once in a while.

There was a new years’ eve party and so we spent our new years eve at SunCity partying the night away till the early hours of 2017. This was just an awesome experience, we really had so much fun that waking up the following day was a mission.

On the first the place was so overcrowded and it’s then that we felt that we had not made a good decision by spending the 1st there, we still enjoyed ourselves swimming and chillaxing till it was time to leave.

We also had an excuse to eat at Rocco mammas, you know how their food can be tempting especially when you trying to watch what you eat but nonetheless we were seated there and we indulged to the fullest.

Definitely a place we will be visiting quite often.

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