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The proposal


It was a weekend of fun and games, one with plenty of suprises and I must say it was kind of well planned and our closest friends around Gauteng were invited. She had just came back from Cape town and had been away for 2 full weeks for business so Friday she chillaxed and the fun began on Saturday. We went out for ten-pin bowling with friends and at the background the plan was taking place. We headed back home and continued with a night of catching up while playing Jenga, dominoes, chess and and and...

The guys slept in one room and the girls in the other and she was sleeping on the couch in the lounge. I could not sleep and so I woke up in the middle of the night and went and put the engangement ring on her finger without her even waking up to me being busy with my sneaking. I went back to bed and slept the night away.

I left her wondering the whole night. A couple of hours later I heard her waking up going to the bathroom a couple of time, I guess she could not sleep either after discovering that beautiful piece on her finger.

In the early hours of the morning while she was trying to catch up on her sleep I started with my preparations for the celebration and everyone was also also still sleeping. I played one of her favourite songs from one of her favourite movies called August Rush, the song was playing so soft and I also had some disco lights going on dancing beautifully to her favourite music.

I then woke her up, I had two glasses of champagne in my hand, we had to discuss what had happened in the middle of the night, one knee on the floor and I popped the big question, well the ring was already in her finger – hahah – so I guess I was just formalizing things and luckily she sad yes with a big smile on her face. I started preparing breakfast while everyone was still sleeping and the plan was to announce this to the whole team. While we were eating, the girls noticed the bling on her finger, they started talking with their eyes followed with chuckles and the eyes came back enquiring to us and we just nodded and the celebrations started and got finished off by going to church to thank God for an awesome weekend and the beginning of a life worth living.

The parents were informed of this big decision and the next step was to get the lobola date from my new family.

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